Our company offers a wide range of felt art products, which can be successfully used as advertising gadgets.

We boast ourselves to have an international reputation of proven freight line, which goes back to year 2003. Years of cooperation with advertising agencies let us manufacture over one million high quality gadgets. We have produced unique bags, cases, office and stationary articles along with other gadgets and interior decorations for many occasions.

Our logo marking techniques along with rich offer of high quality felt gadgets make us a reliable and professional gadget supplier. There is a possibility to customize size and general outlook of our standard products according to personal requirements. We are also willing to realize customers’ own designs.

Our products are appreciated not only in Poland but also throughout Europe. They support the sale of various brands such as Sony, Samsung, Orange, Nikon, Carlsberg, Toyota or Mercedes.

For many years we have taken part in a number of International Trade Fairs in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, France and Russia.

Our reliability and professionalism resulted in gaining several awards in the prestigious contest Gifts of The Year at the international fair REMA DAYS in Warsaw and Nuremberg.

Company Consilio it’s also a member of PSI No. 49112.

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